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Starting his athletic career at the young age of 5 helped Charles develop a strong competitive attitude that has transferred directly into his training style, giving Charles the drive to motivate and inspire people of all ages through his lifestyle choices. "Lead by example, or don't lead at all." is a motto which is apparent that he follows. Changing people’s lives for the better through fitness is his main objective. Charles strives to find creative and educational ways to instill permanent change in their lives while using systematic methods and scientific proof to manage his clients’ success.

Currently Charles owns Stachtraining.com, a biotechnology company, and a construction company while attending college at the University of South Florida to complete his B.S. in Biology. Although Chuck wears many hats, he is focused and driven. He has a BSL-2 certification and an associates degree in Biotechnology from the State College of Florida.

In his athletic career, Charles competed in many sports: football, powerlifting, wrestling, baseball, tennis, golf, track and field, BMX, bodybuilding, mountain biking, and many other endurance events. Although he obtained many injuries (27 broken bones, 1 plate and 11 screws in wrist, and 26 concussions) he feels at the top of his game, is pain-free, and continues to compete in whatever he likes. This is something most athletes can not say for themselves.

Being a Certified Personal Trainer since 2007, Charles has worked with professional athletes to people with life altering injuries, helping them achieve their goals in a passionate and motivating fashion. Highly experienced and educated, Charles is certain that no matter what your goals are, he will provide you with advice and direction that will lead you to obtaining success.


  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Body Composition

  • Sports specific training

  • Online program design

  • Assisted stretching

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Biotech consulting

  • Injury Prevention/ Rehabilitation

  • Group training

  • Private training

  • Corporate Wellness

  • Research Lab experience


Skill Sets



Certified Biotechnology Specialist


Since Charles was a little kid, he was going to the job sites with his father, picking up screws and trash to keep busy. As he began to age, the skills of many trades were passed down from father to son. Using tools to build a beautiful household has ran in the family for many generations. Recently, Charles realized he was gifted these skills and has put the knowledge to work, building dream homes for many people.


  • Metal/wood framing

  • Dry wall

  • Handy man

  • Remodeling

  • Equipment assembly

Through the State College of Florida, Charles attended and completed the Biotechnology Specialist A.A.S. This qualifies Charles to work in a BSL-2 lab, interpret results of analytical equipment, and set up procedures for experimental research. Techniques that were learned in the program vary from DNA isolation, chromatography, PCR/qPCR setup, lab equipment mechanics and maintenance, plant and animal cell maintenance, gel electrophoresis and many other fascinating skills. He uses these skills to optimize his clients’ performance by being familiar and capable of using all of the latest technology available.


  • Yale collaborative research: Small world initiative

  • ASM symposium presentation on soil isolations

  • B.S. Pre-med, University of South Florida, 2019

  • A.A. Biotechnology Specialist, State College of Florida, 2015

  • Biotechnology consulting

Personal Trainer

Since 2005, Charles has been using the numerous training certifications he’s acquired over the years to help his clients. The clientele that he deals with on a regular basis range from 8-85 years of age. As a corrective exercise specialist, anyone that works with Charles will prevent injury and focus on strengthening their weakest links. This helps them achieve their goals in the safest manor while preventing injuries in the future. Beginners and professionals alike all benefit tremendously from training with the scientifically supported techniques used. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, contact Charles now.


  • 15 years as a Certified Personal Trainer.

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.

  • No memberships required.

  • Thousands of lives changed.

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